Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Work it out

I woke up this morning after having a nightmare in which I got fired from my job at the CCTimes because my position was being eliminated (talk about deja vu). In the dream, I confront a top editor thinking I could save my job and said "You can't fire me, I'm the retail reporter! I'm important!" I was like damnit, do I have to start looking for another job?! Then I realized it was Wednesday morning and for now, I am still employed.
I've had trouble sleeping lately because I am indeed worried about my job. As many of you know, Knight Ridder, my parent company, could be sold any minute just because a few bitchy investors are pissed they invested in newspaper stocks (even I would have known that was a bad idea). So, I have this nagging fear that I will be out of a job and will have to say "adios" to sunny California so I can move in with my mother. I'm hoping a major shake up does not occur, which is a possibility. It just sucks for me right now because I'm neurotic again and I'm like, damn, Gina, I thought I left that shit behind in college.

I finally made it to the gym tonight for the first time this week and I had a great work out! My goal was to lose five pounds BEFORE the end of the year. I still have two weeks!

The best song I've heard lately is "Dare" by Gorillaz. It has amazing lyrics such as "Jump to the moon and move it / Jump back and forth / It's like you would let yourself / Work it out" Anyway, it has a kick-ass beat.

I also listened to the Duran Duran classic "Rio" on the way to work this morning. That song is a real gem! My favorite verse is "It means so much to me like a birthday or a pretty view."

I'm really hoping someone buys me an Ipod for Christmas because apparently the walkman I used to have disappeared on the way to California from Baltimore. Burn. It makes going to the gym quite boring. I know for sure what my mom bought me because she called me one day and said, "Mija, I'm at Macy's." I replied, "That's great." Then she said, "What's the name of the perfume you like? Here, I'm going to put the saleslady on the phone, tell her." Oh Maria Elena, that's why I love her so!

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