Friday, June 30, 2006


Today is the estimated arrival date of my new Macbook. I can't wait! I already received the Ipod Nano that I ordered, but alas, it is not compatible with my old Mac laptop, so I haven't been able to use it. Soon, however, I will be living the Ilife!

In other news, my cousin Miguel Angel Medina is running for mayor my parent's hometown, Huejuquilla El Alto Jalisco, Mexico. This is very exciting for some members of my family who have grandiose thoughts that we are people of influence. I do my best. Above is an interesting campaign photo of Miguel. Is that a high five?

I will be making a four-day trip to Seattle in two weeks. I'm starting to get really excited just thinking of Mac & Jack's! Plus, the weather will probably be gorgeous. None of this 100 degree and no air conditioning crap I've been putting up with here in my part of the East Bay.

My roommate, Kaesy, is moving out this weekend. Sadness. She's been a joy to live with, but I'm happy that she is progressing in her relationship with longtime boyfriend Justin. My new roommate, Meagan, moves in about a week. She is college student and aspiring writer/journalist (who that remind you of five years ago?).

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