Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainy days

So it's raining again today and has rained several days in the last few weeks. I can't say I love rain, but it really doesn't bother me the way it does other people. Not only do people in the Bay Area complain about rain and act as if life suddenly became unbearably unfair, they don't know how to drive in it! That usually isn't a problem for me except that I was forced to attend a work-sponsored event 30 miles from the San Francisco yesterday. It only took me close to two hours to drive there. One of my windshield wipers broke off!
I've been meaning to post on this blog since Lent started back in February. I was feeling very moved around Ash Wednesday and excited about Lent because its my favorite liturgical season. Some people think of it as a time for deprivation and guilt, but I have always seen it as an opportunity for major spiritual growth and introspection.
When I sat down to make a list of my goals and sacrifices for this Lent, I filled a whole page in my notebook, but haven't glanced at it.  The one area I've struggled with is cutting back on drinking. Here's a total first-world problem: my social life is so active and fun, I just can't avoid drinking too much. Wow. That looks pretty sad in print. I would like to exert a little more self-discipline, so luckily, I have two more weeks to go!
Mostly, during this Lent, I've been feeling grateful for my life, for the people in it and for my work and interests that keep me busy. I have moments when I'm incredulous, thinking, "can I really be this content?" Of course, that's a stupid question, because life is unstable, so these days are probably numbered.
Perhaps 30 is a magical year for me after all. I was so reluctant to reach this age, it feels ironic I'm enjoying it so much, not to say I am free of anxiety. No, that old friend doesn't stay away for long periods. My mood now is curious. What other adventures rest in my path waiting for me to ignite them?

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