Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deep sigh

Last night, I nervously read a piece of fiction at a bookstore in Berkeley. I hadn't been that nervous in a while. It was more than just nerves, more like dread at having signed myself for the experience, but I made it through the piece and felt good about it. Then members of my entourage, Ramon, Daisy and Anthony, and from the audience told me they liked my story. I felt a deep relief at knowing it wasn't a complete disaster and people might actually enjoy hearing me read. It often feels like more of an internal exercise to do a reading: you have to write the piece, practice, deliver and work through the anxiety. But of course, the whole point is to communicate and connect with the audience. Several people asked me last night, "When is your novel coming out?" They asked me that in a serious way as if it totally makes I would have my own book coming out soon.
Ever since I received my advance copy of Wise Latinas, and anthology I contributed to, it was like a taste of a life I've always wanted: published author. Just seeing my name on table of contents made me think, this IS possible. I could write books and not just articles. As always, I have to remind myself that ideas are great, but execution is better. Cheers to executing! 

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