Thursday, May 21, 2015

Days 2 & 3 of Whole30

The first few days of Whole30 have felt easy -- a little too easy. One of my biggest fears was that I wouldn't be able to resist drinking in social situations. I realized at the start of the week that I scheduled drinks with a few coworkers weeks ago. We met around 8 p.m. Tuesday night. I showed up not having had dinner and luckily the spot we chose had some Whole30-friendly options like endive lettuce filled with chicken salad and sauteed broccoli. I didn't miss cocktails or beer at all and instead drank several pints of water. That made me feel much better than a slight alcohol buzz would have.
The only slip-ups I've had, if I can even call them that, would be that I've had a few dishes with cheese in them. I either forgot to ask for no cheese or didn't realize cheese was an ingredient when I ordered it. Either way, the amounts were minimal, so I don't consider that a major violation of the rules.
This morning I experienced a slap-in-the-face-style reminder as to why this eating plan and losing weight are important. I scheduled a physical a few weeks back, again before I decided to try Whole30. My new doctor's advice was that I should lose about 20 pounds using the South Beach Diet, but other than that, I'm very healthy! I've heard this advice before. My weight and height give me a high body mass index in the "overweight" zone. I've heard from other doctors not to sweat BMI so much since the range doesn't take into account body type or frankly ethnicity. I think that is code for "don't worry about your curvy, Latina hips."
Today, the doctor told me, you're healthy now, but what about later? And, if you ever have kids, it will be harder to lose weight if you're already overweight. Ouch. The truth really does hurt.
So there you have it. My desire to get healthy and lose weight should be less of a whim and more of a must-do. The stakes are higher now. I need to take this eating plan/lifestyle change stuff seriously unless I want to be one of those people thinks they know more than medical professionals. Or one  of those people who complains about her weight or daydreams about being thinner, but doesn't take action. It's not about vanity anymore, but being the best version of myself I can be -- or should be. I hate conforming to external ideals, but I also want results. I hope Whole30 helps.

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