Monday, January 02, 2006

Here comes Walker!

I'm sitting in the living room of my former apartment in Seattle watching college football (Notre Dame v. Ohio State, go Irish!) with my buddy John the Indian (as in Yakima). He brought me deep fried mushrooms from Kid Valley... yummy!
It's raining because this is Seattle, but it's not as bad as the rain in Northern California. I picked a great week to go on vacation, some parts of the East Bay are flooded. I called my roommate and was like, Damn, Gina!

Saturday was like Christmas and New Year's in one. I arrived here and found a stack of gifts for me under my brother's mid-size tree he stole from somewhere (old habits die hard!). I brought my family famed photos of us from my brother's college graduation last summer. On the matting, I wrote "La riqueza mas grande de mi vida es mi familia," (The greatest treasure of my life is my family). Leave it to the "creative one" to bring out the tears.

New Years was great! I danced, I drank, I watched fire works and took photos wearing funny hats and tiaras.

Cheers to the another year!

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