Monday, January 23, 2006

I am the 12th wo-MAN!

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers Sunday seizing a spot in next weekend's Superbowl 40! Despite my limited knowledge of the sport, I have become one the Seahawk's staunchest supporters. It all started last year when I befriended Jose Miguel Romero, one of the Seahawks writers for the Seattle Times. If it weren't for him, I would never have even looked at the sports page.

Last November, I spent an afternoon at the Pyramid Brewery in Walnut Creek (Calif.) drinking Snow Cap (another Seattle original) and watching the Seahawks beat the 49ners (take that SF!). Yesterday, I tuned into the historic game during the third quarter and enjoyed the final jubilant moments of the game. My roommate's boyfriend, whose father is a high school football coach in Texas (that's serious business), was there to answer some of my complex questions about the game: What's it like to wear those tight pants? and Why does the quarterback put his hands so close to another player's ass just to get the ball?

Here's a bit of NFL trivia: The Seahawks are the only NFL team to retire the #12 in honor of its fans. My research tells me that in football, there are 11 players on the field at once so the 12th player is on sidelines cheering. Therefore, I am the 12th wo-MAN! That NFC championship is for me! So, now the hawk's are heading to Detroit or "The D" (if you are cool), another one of my old digs.

Back to the topic of Snow Cap, I introduced that hearty winter beer to my roommate Kaesy last Friday after I had a tough day of work. Her reaction was simple: "This beer's fucken' good!" My thoughts exactly. Kaesy turned 25 on Sunday. We began her b-day festivities with dinner at a fantastic French restaurant in Berkeley. My half birtday is coming up on Feb. 6. I'm thinking a taco party featuring my signature guacamole and margaritas on the rocks (frozen is for bitches! you might as well drink a spiked slurpee like in 9th grade of high school).

Go hawks!

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blythe said...

i love you, B, but i'm afraid i want your hawks to burn.

it's a st. louis thing.