Monday, February 06, 2006

I made it to 24.5!

Today is my half birthday. Happy 24.5 to me! I am trying to enjoy being in my "early twenties" as long as possible. I hope the next six months of being 24 are a lot less stressful than the first six, which involved a complicated move, a car accident, heart broken twice and a long bout of insomnia. So, yeah, the rest of age 24 is going to rock!
I went to Seattle and a tiring weekend consisting of LTA stuff and a very disappointing Superbowl 40. I was sad to see my hawks go down like that and I don't buy the whole, "there's always next year" crap. Anyway, it was a brilliantly sunny day in Seattle yesterday and you could just feel the blue and green spirit, which was awesome. It was also fun to binge on pizza, cheeseburgers, wings and Snow Cap with my buddies in Seattle. I did miss Gray's Anatomy, however, because I was on the plane coming back to Oakland.
So, I'm back at work trying to be productive. I have decided I don't like the word "busy." I think people use it as a badge of honor, like they are saying "I'm so busy. My life is just so much more important than yours." Whatev.
In other news, I am planning a trip to vegas at the end of March with some of my homies from the NYC. More on that later. I applied to master's program at a "no-name regional" school that has a 10 percent acceptance rate. I am nervous about my application and if I don't get in, then I will be pissed, but all I can do now is pray.
I keep forgetting it is still winter. The weather in the East Bay is like in between jacket and sweater. It's nothing like the cold-ass Baltimore conditions I experienced last year!

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El Jedi said...

to those who were wondering, our blog author is not applying to a no-name regional school... It is actually a relatively small private school with a very selective journalism program. They'll be lucky to have you... AND IMAGINE, YOU'D BE AT A PLACE WHERE YOU'RE CONSERVATIVE COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE!!! LOL