Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So I've been spending a lot of my weekends in Seattle lately and I have two more trips planned in the next few weeks. My sister, Rosi, is arriving on Sunday and will start her new job on Monday. Just six months ago, I was living in exile (as I think of it) in Baltimore and Rosi was in the "D" (Detroit). We were all scattered, but now, we are coming closer together, which is fabulous!

I'm actually hoping to spend some more quality time in Nor Cal just in case some undesirable outcome occurs with Knight Ridder. That would be a sale to a horrible company who would come in and cut my pay or fire me. Let's hope that if we do come under new ownership, I don't get screwed! I am close to my 6-month anniversary here in CA. All I want is to make it a to a year -- one year!

I've decided that happeniness involves doing what you want and being good at it. For example, let's say I was a chef and I loved cooking, but everything I made was bad, then I would be unhappy. On the other hand, I am a journalist and I'm good at it, therefore I am happy. That is the simplistic view, however, because life demands change and improvement to see continued success. I have also begun to realize how important it is to be patient -- with life, others and especially myself. I have outlined so many things I would to improve about myself, and they are all possible, but they are going to take time."Patience is the companion of wisdom." -- St. Augustine. (now, THAT is a deep thought).

In other news, my car stereo broke so I have been listening to the sound of silence when I drive, well actually, I listen to the noises my car makes. I have figure out a plan to get some jams back in my car, which will mostly likely require a trip to Best Buy or Circuit City, two stores where I NEVER shop. Oh well.

I conducted an "alumni interview" with a prospective Vanderbilt student. He kept trying to impress me with his thoughts on being well-rounded and the importance of getting a new experience. He asked me, did you feel like your education prepared you for the real world? I was like, hey, I was smart when I got there, but yes, going to Vanderbilt definitely helped me. He kept referring to VU in the "we." "We have a great football team," "We have big Greek system." I was like, "we?" Hold your horses, only time will tell if you get to use the "we" -- Patience!

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