Wednesday, February 22, 2006

buenos dias

Another day, another rhyme. I don't really know what that means, but whatev. My sister says living in California has ruined my vocabulary because I use words like "whatev" and I called her a "ho-b" the other day. Ho-b, by the way, is not CA, that is Blanca short hand for a mean term. I have noticed that I say "for sure" frequently, but it doesn't sound that bad ... at least not to me.

The sibs (Rosa and Heho) and I had Mac & Jack's in Seattle last Sunday when we had dinner at Red Robin. I was reaching for the drink's menu, when I suddenly remembered they served M & J and I was like "Fuck the cocktails!"

I am spending this weekend in CA -- something I haven't done since January. I will hit up my cousins in Hollister, use their washing machine and eat their food -- it's okay, they love me.

My life has been overrun by sorority activities lately. I haven't been getting enough sleep, but it's worth it. I love LTA and I love being a part of its success, so I'll keep trudging on.

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