Monday, March 13, 2006

Feeling a little dissed

In case you live under a rock, the news of the day is that my company, Knight Ridder Inc., has been acquired by McClatchy Co., the first newspaper company I worked for when I was in high school. McClatchy is great company to work for, I know this from experience. Too bad, however, they decided to buy my parent company but have decided to sell the Contra Costa Times. The irony of this situation is shocking!
For months, Knight Ridder employees have been on edge, nervously waiting to find out the fate of our company after a bitchy shareholder (Bruce Sherman) demanded that our board of directors put us up for sale. The deadline for bids was se for last Thursday and it seemed as if we would finally know the outcome, but no. McClatchy decided to diss us. "The possibilities are endless," my co-worker said.
Like I said before, I just want to stay in this job for at least a year. It's still possible. I would have liked three to four, but I guess I'm lucky I still have a job at this point.

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