Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Loyalty is dead

I came to work this morning and starting feeling sad again that the journalistic powerhouse known as Knight-Ridder will officially disappear in a matter of months. We had a story in our paper today about how dissappointed our CEO, Tony Ridder, is. I think the $100 million he's getting from the deal may soften the blow. For the peons such as myself, there is no loyalty.
Today's New York Times story included an interesting tidbit from the CEO of McClatchy (who is buying KR) about the 12 papers they plan to sell:
Gary B. Pruitt, chairman and chief executive of McClatchy, said yesterday that he was open to all possible combinations of sales, and might sell some papers individually or several together.
He also said that he had already been contacted by potential buyers, whom he did not identify and that he wanted to sell the 12 papers on the same day — sometime this summer — that he closes the deal to acquire the 20 other Knight Ridder papers.
"McClatchy would not operate those papers for even one day," he said.


If that's not a burn, I don't know what is! Ouch, Pruit, you really know how to diss! And to think, I was disappointed McClatchy didn't want the CCTimes, they would be lucky to own our profitable operation!

As if all the company news wasn't enough to ruin my day, I found out that the Vanderbilt Men's basketball team did not make the NCAA tournament known as March Madness. Gonzaga and the University of Washington (U-dub) did make it and the VU Women's team are in the women's tournament, so that's reason to celebrate and a good excuse to drink beer.

On a more serious note, I also found out yesterday that a woman from my sorority died in a car accident. I didn't know he personally, but she was my sister and I am saddened by her death.

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