Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vegas or bust!

My main goal for this evening is to pack for my trip to Vegas this weekend! Rock on! I am totally psyched! I don't gamble (except for love --- hahahaha!), so my activities will hopefully be centered on getting a little sun, drinking a lot and dancing at overpriced clubs. I'm meeting a trio of New Yorker friends who insist on taking a day trip to the Hoover Dam.
Hey, what do fish say when they hit a wall?


Frank said...

I think all the pink on your website damaged my vision. I want compensation! I hope all's going well!

Sigheat said...


Nice blog space. There is a ton of pink and sorority girly stuff, but that's cool. If you haven't figured it our this is the rahdog, aka farah,aka rosa's roommate in detroit, bka the shnizit.

But you have inspired me and next week I'll be unveiling my new blogspot titled, "The Big Crash". Topics will range from sports to politics but since I lack writing skills and common sense like yourself, I'm sure it will prove to be unworthy yet entertaining.

Peace in the Middle-East.