Thursday, April 20, 2006

The stupid things we do

I think I should bring my Magic 8 Ball to work so I can ask it some of life's difficult questions such as should I go to Honolulu this June? or, will I ever pay off my credit card debt? or, was it my fault he left me for an older woman?
My new slogan is "do you what you can." That fits nicely with another slogan I have adopted, "Don't dread, do." My goal is to lighten up my load of LTA responsibilities and start writing my masterpiece novel that will make me rich and famous, hopefully at least famous. I don't care about being rich. Well, sometimes I think I should care about being rich and then I go through one of my cyclical "I think I should go to law school" phases.
I read somewhere that we are punished by our sins, not for them. So, I guess I need to add a new goal to my roster: don't sin anymore. Great. I think I should modify that to don't do stupid things. hmmm. I think I am going to Honolulu.

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