Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My feet aren't ready

for summer. I got a pedicure a few weeks back, but it didn't last, so my feet look crapola again. Time to bring out the pumice stone!
I haven't written much lately because I have been occupied with work and other commitments. I have to do at work and I feel like I am so behind on a lot of stories I want to write, but once I do write them, I feel fantastic! After months of uncertainty, The Contra Costa Times was finally sold to MediaNews, a company that owns several other newspapers in the Bay Area. Everyone said such a buyer would be the worst case scenario in our sale saga, but so far, it seems okay. Our new owner said the company does not plan on making any major changes to staffing levels or salaries. I think that will hold true until at least the end of the year, which is good enough for me.
So for now, the Bay Area is still my home, although I may be moving soon because my trusty "white, but cool" roommate Kaesy is moving in with her boyfriend. I'm happy for her because the move symbolizes an important step in her relationship with the BF. I am sad, however, because she is a good roommate and good roommates are hard to find.
In other news, I am still trying to make plans to hit up Florida and Mexico this summer. I need to just buy my plane tickets so that I can sleep better at night instead of thinking about endless travel possibilities.

"To make a difference, be the difference!"

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