Friday, September 22, 2006

Madonna is wrong

Time does not go by so slowly. I feel as thught time goes by faster than water coming out of a tap on full blast.
I can't believe I have been in California for more than a year. I feel as though the time went by in an instant and yet, when I sit and think about what I've done, I realize it has been a substantial amount of time. My issue is that time goes by and I do a good job at keeping myself busy, but then I come to the conclusion that I haven't accomplished anything special or not letting myself get bored.
My new ambition is to become "responsible." I'll decide in six months if I did it not.
I keep thinking I should move and possibilities have come my way, but then I remind myself of something I've said many times, "Moving sucks and it's expensive."

I'm reading Maureen Dowd's "Are Men Necessary?" So far, I love it. I love her writing style and she's funny, too. When I finish, I let you know what the answer to her question is.

I watched Gray's Anatomy last night after much anticipation for the season premiere. I'm starting to get annoyed with the character of Meredith. She's a total personification of the Seattle passive-agressive, melancholiness. Plus, as my brother put it, she's ugly. As for the rest of the show, I'm still hooked like a whore on crack.

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