Friday, October 06, 2006

ni una sola palabra

Corina, my BFF, and I got in a heated discussion about the skankiness of Paulina Rubio in her last video for the song "Ni Una Sola Palabra" (Not One Word).Check the video out on Corina's Myspace page. Corina says I'm just jealous that I don't "look as good as Paulina." I was like wow, that's mean. Then she tells me I need to shut up my "mick jagger lips." Whatev.
Anyway, it looks thanks to some unforseen circumstances, I may start driving my mother's old Mazda sedan, dubbed "the green car." I have still not decided whether I will traveling to Nashville for Vandy's homecoming/alumni weekend this year because of said car situation. Anyway, I may change my mind later and end up going -- that's been known to happen.
I feel like I haven't seen my siblings in forever since I haven't been to Seattle in more than three months! That may be a record for since moving to CA.
Work is going well. I have two new editors and much to my surprise, I don't hate them and my job is great. I'll post my most recent story next.

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