Tuesday, August 14, 2007

back in the Nash

They told me to go to rehab and I said "No, no, no!" Instead, I went to multimedia journalism training in Nashville. I am here with 21 other journalists at the First Amendment Center located on none other than Vanderbilt University's campus. We also have our own blog:
Check it out!

Yes, I'm back at my alma mater and it feels kind of like I never left. Everything feels familiar, like visiting my hometown. I hadn't realized that after moving to as many different places as I have, I actually developed attachments to some of those places, especially the Nash, where I lived for four years. I've always said the undergraduate experience is nothing else. It's a singular, formative and influential time in one's life. Vanderbilt was my life for those four years. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved it. Right now, I'm just feeling the love part. Go Dores!

Here's an interesting quote I read today: "Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others."--Jules Renard, French author

The quote is poignant because it reminds me of my college days when I had a poster on my wall titled "The Procrastinator's Creed" that featured a drawing of a two-headed turtle. If I learned anything at Vanderbilt it is that hard work counts above all else and no excuse is good enough to justify a failure to achieve.

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