Friday, June 20, 2008

life is good!

I started by new job at the San Francisco Business Times three weeks ago. I'm like a different person — a happy, professionally-fulfilled person. Unbelievable!
This week was interesting. One of my stories was awarded "Story of the Week" by my editors. It was a huge scoop about Levi's considering a move out of San Francisco—the company's home for the last 150+ years. Whoa! Cool story, but stressful to report and write.
Reason #2 why I love my new job: Every Friday we have free bagels and fruit delivered. Yum! Today was a double-header because we also had our monthly office lunch, which meant, yes, more free food. Lunch was also fun. Managers made staff announcements including an introduction of yours truly. The leadership here is amazing supportive, encouraging and top notch.
I don't even like to think my old job because the discrepancy is so wide, it makes me mad to think I worked there for as long as I did. The grass is way, way greener!!!! I'm beginning to realize that working in journalism doesn't have to suck, but somehow it seems like the publishers of some daily newspapers have decided that's it okay for employees to have miserably work experiences and feel like shit all the time. No wonder the industry is going down the tubes, it's infiltrated by hundreds of unhappy, staid and bitter people!
Anyway, back to why my life is good. I love working in San Francisco. My commute still manages to take a long time -- 40 min-- but my transportation costs have shrunk dramatically to $45 per month for a Muni pass. That's not even a tank of gas anymore — and I used to go through four or five of those per month! Plus, my boss gives me high-fives every morning! I love high-fives.

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blythe said...

My favorite part is the high fives. Congratulations, Blanca! I'm so happy it's going well. I am loving being a business reporter, actually. That's where it's at.