Monday, July 28, 2008

Return from the Windy City

So I just spent the last five days immersed in all things journalism --- mostly how crappy the industry is these days. I attended Unity 2008 in Chicago that is billed as one of the largest gathering of journalists in the country and is aimed for journalists of color. Other than the fact that few news organizations are hiring and almost every daily newspaper in the nation is cutting staff, journalism is still an exciting field. As long as there's news, someone will have to cover it. The conference made me realize how lucky I am to A. be employed, B. work for an employer that is financially stable and C. enjoy the stories I'm writing.
I had a fun time as the Chicago weather was not nearly as oppressively humid as I had expected. Instead, it was that perfect upper 80s climate with lots of sunshine. I had Chicago style pizza at Giordano's not just once, but twice. Delicious! I just love all that tomato sauce on top. Pix coming soon!

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