Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer in the City

The past week has conjured a sense of magic here in San Francisco. For the last four days, the thermometer has tipped above 70 degrees and in certain periods, above 80 degrees. People often say September is the best month in San Francisco and so far, this year, the month has provided some delicious weather.
I love seeing women come to work downtown in sundresses and sandals that we buy on a whim of wishful thinking hoping we can wear them the next time we spend in a weekend in L.A. or somewhere else that has normal weather. It's funny to me that probably most people in the Bay Area have sections of their wardrobe totally reserved for time not spent in San Francisco — heavy winter coats, gloves, bathing suits, halter top dresses. I'm a summer-loving chica, so not seeing the temperature reading go above 90 is disheartening, but I think — after four years — that I've acclimated.
There is something reassuring about knowing it will never snow here or stay hot enough for longer than a few days to warrant air conditioner. What you can always count on is that if you wait long enough, the weather will change. The fog will burn off. The winds will pick up. The sun will reappear. The rainy season (can we even call it a season?) may show up when you least expect it.
The way I see it, it's never that bad and when it is, just remember to grab an extra sweater and scarf.

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