Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Engaged: Yeah, so that's happening.

I've been engaged now for a little more than two weeks and I keep telling myself, You must blog about this special time! Actually, it's more like, if you don't write it down now, you never will and hopefully this is the only time I will go through an engagement.
It's still feels strange to say that I'm engaged. I was surprised when Ramon proposed, not because I didn't think he would ever ask, but his timing threw me off. I thought it would take him a while to finally pop the question. I guess I'll take it as a good sign that my future life partner surprises me in good ways!
The first few days were the best. We were filled with a blissful sense of optimism and natural high about how great it was to make our relationship even more committed. In a way, that's what feels strange. I've known for a longtime that Ramon was the one and I already felt committed to him, but the act of getting engaged really does elevate the situation to another level. It's like wow, shit just got real. We can start planning a wedding. I can finally shrug my life-long reluctance to picturing myself as a bride, a partner, a future wife. I can honestly say I never expected myself to make it this far in the world of relationships. But the universe is full of surprises. I'm holding on to this feeling the way my gaze holds on to a rainbow — for as long as it's possible to hold something beautiful and magical and intangible. It's love. 

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