Friday, February 14, 2014

Amor Eterno

Does love last forever? I would say yes and not just because I'm engaged. Or perhaps only eternal love last forever. I'm found myself sitting at the bar of a Mexican restaurant in the Mission listening to a mariachi play the classic, "Amor Eterno." That song, about grief, took on a much deeper meaning for me after my father died especially the part in the chorus that says, "How I wish you still lived to keep living each other." Enjoying and looking forward to the future after the loss of loved one is perhaps the most difficult part of grieving and moving on. 
So today, on Valentine's Day, I am thinking about love in all it's forms. Some love satisfies you for a season or a fleeting moment only to leave you longing like the Pablo Neruda line, "Que corto el amor, que largo el olivido" (how short love is, how long it takes to forget). Then there's love so entrenched in your soul, it lives forever because it's not dependent on circumstance. I celebrate all types of love today -- the kind that lasts forever and the kind that just acts as a bridge to take you somewhere else. 

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