Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just a sentence

Today I'm starting a goal I made for myself to write at least one sentence on this blog everyday for the rest of the year. I constantly chastise myself for not writing more away from work and not tapping more into my creative side. I'm committing myself to a minimum of a sentence as a way to start small and hopefully make better habits. I want to do record the events of this year as I can honestly say this year will not just be different from all the rest — heck, every year is different — but it's a year of serious and exciting transition for me. This is the year I will become a married, a new experience for sure, but one that promises to change everything in my life. It's still hard to fathom the momentousness of this rite of passage, of making a commitment to another person, and leaving behind singlehood. I would say I left singlehood behind when Ramon and had our "we're together now" talk, but at the same time the idea of going from "single" to "married" in the official, tax reporting and Facebook status kind of way. So this post marks the start of my new endeavor.
Happy writing to me and everyone else who loves the written word. 

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