Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the home stretch

We're a little more than a month away from the wedding. I wouldn't say I can't wait because I feel like I need every minute between now and then to relax, savor the experience and finish all the final tasks without feeling overwhelmed or burdened. Every says enjoy the planning, which I think is kind of empty advice, but I for me at least, I am happy when I have the time and energy to do what I want. I think I've positioned myself to make it to the finish line without driving myself insane or turning into a dreaded bridezilla. 
Last weekend, I enjoyed a pretty awesome bachelorette party in San Diego. Beach, yummy food, beer tasting, night out, relaxing in a nice hotel and best if all, great company. Could I ask for more? I try to remind myself often that there are  people with real problems in the world while my struggles revolve around pulling off my wedding without regrets or figuring out where Ramon and I are going to live after we get married. I'm in a phase in which it seems as if there are only open doors. I'm feasting on the buffet of life. I'm one lucky chica. 

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