Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today is my half birthday. I am officially 25.5 years old. I'm wearing a crisp white button up shirt that I have managed to spill both coffee and mustard on. Burn! Oh, well, I cleaned it up as best I could.

In case you are wondering, the half-birthday concept began back in third grade when I complained to my teacher that since my birthday is in the summer, I never get to bring treats to class. She then suggested celebrated my half-birthday and immediately, Feb. 6 became a major holiday.

I had a fun visit this weekend from four of my Seattle buddies. I'm starting to develop lines around my mouth from smiling and they seem to more noticeable when I laugh a lot, so I think this weekend did some major wrinkle damage to my face... but it was worth it! For example, I'm in the car driving the girls to SF and I read out loud a license plate frame on the back of a car that says, "I'd rather be playing with my ferret." Alicia looks at me and in a serious tone asks, "You have a ferret?" I laughed for like five minutes. Alicia has known me for years and was staying at my apartment, wouldn't she know I if I had a ferret? And why would I own a ferret? Ahhh, good times.

So what should I do during the last six months of my quarter-of-a-century year? I have some ideas:
A. Get accepted to grad school. (already working on it!)
B. Travel overseas. (I'm thinking Spain and France in late spring.)
C. Visit Seattle at least three times (I already have two trips planned.)
D. Date a hot guy ... for longer than a few weeks.

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