Monday, February 12, 2007

the games we play

Today is Monday. In an effort to add some zing to our day, the co-workers and I decided to play silly geography games. First, my co-worker B. Hernandez challenged me to write down the names of all 50 U.S. states in 15 minutes. I made it to 49 and got stuck. Then time ran out. The missing state: Nebraska. I justified my error by saying that Nebraska is one of less than 20 states I haven't visited nor do I want to visit.

Then, we switched to online geography in which you have to drag the shape of country into it's location on the outline of the its continent. I got a 62 percent on Europe. Have you ever heard of Moldova or San Marino? Me neither. And I spent two months in Europe once! I scored 80 percent on South America and 86 percent on U.S. States. I should try Mexico next.

After all that office fun subsided, Marton, my Hungarian co-worker, and I headed to the closest coffee shop for some afternoon caffeine. I have become such an addict! I'm drinking like two cups a day of coffee. I'll use any excuse to drink coffee. Case in point, this morning, I realized my milk sell by date was Feb. 4 and what was left in the carton did NOT smell good. After I finished my scrambled egg and avocado breakfast burrito, I thought, since I can't have milk, I'll go to starbucks. I could've just gone to 7-11, which is actually closer than Starbucks, to get some milk, but that didn't even cross my mind. I rely too much on the fact that both of my siblings work at Starbucks (they call it Star-beezy).

Now I'm just killing time by devising what East Bay retail executive I want to interview next.

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