Wednesday, March 07, 2007

life with Mom

My Mom has been visiting me for more than two weeks now. I think I've packed on some pounds because Mom is delighted to make meals for me and I have been skipping the gym to make it home for dinner on time. We've spent two weekends bonding with our family in Hollister.

In other news, I made the waiting list for one the schools I applied to for grad school. At first, I was bummed, then I realized that I still have a chance. Basically, I'll be accepted if other people who were accepted decide not to go. I think it's entirely possible and if it doesn't work out, I have already resigned myself to reapplying next year to different programs.

I attended a seminar last Saturday for people in and interested in MFA programs. It was very enlightening. The seminar featured several workshops including MFA grads and professional writers. They talked about the challenges of maintaining their writing while living in the real world. Listening to them made me realize that I have approached writing like an amateur. I've been looking toward the MFA like an end-all solution, like my ticket to professional writing when in reality it's just a tool, but not even one that's entirely necessary.

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