Monday, November 10, 2014

The freeze is coming!

My ankles are cold. I'm wearing flats leaving the top of foot and ankles exposed to the elements and right now in Seattle, the elements are bittingly chilly. The fall weather us giving me a taste of winter. It's actually more like a warning that the intense cold weather is coming and I need to start covering my ankles.ive enjoyed pretty mild weather since I arrived in Seattle two months ago. I do miss the weather in San Francisco. Even when I at shivering and miserable at evening baseball games, I just shrugged it off as this is San Francisco, not LA, and at least it never snows. In Seattle, not only do I have the cold to fear, but also the threat if snow and having to drive in it. Deep sigh. I live in a place with winter again. At least I appreciated California's mild climate while I could.

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